Best Tasks For a Medical Virtual Assistant in Your Practice

Best Tasks For a Medical Virtual Assistant in Your Practice

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As society progresses, so does technology. We are constantly finding new ways to make our lives easier and more efficient.

One such example is the rise of Medical Virtual Assistants. Medical Virtual Assistants are remote employees trained in healthcare that can perform a variety of tasks, from online search to task management.

While Medical Virtual Assistants are still in their infancy, they have great potential in the medical field. Medical Virtual Assistants can help doctors and nurses with a variety of tasks, from keeping track of patient appointments to providing educational materials.

They can even help with administrative tasks, such as billing and insurance. They have the potential to revolutionize the medical field and your practice and can help to improve efficiency and patient care. As Medical Virtual Assistants become more advanced, they will only become more widely used in the medical field.

Although people often think of Virtual Assistants as aids for executives or entrepreneurs, VAs are also hugely valuable in a variety of other settings. In fact, anyone who wants to eliminate monotonous tasks or receive support for activities that fall outside their area of expertise can benefit from a VA.

For instance, a Medical Virtual Assistant can support healthcare professionals with a wide range of tasks. These may include scheduling appointments, ordering supplies, conducting research, and managing files and records.

A Medical Virtual Assistant can also provide support with administrative tasks, such as preparing reports or taking minutes at meetings. If you are a healthcare professional who is looking for ways to streamline your work and free up your time, then a Medical Virtual Assistant may be the perfect solution.

Who Can Benefit From Medical Virtual Assistants?

Virtual Medical Assistants are becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare industry. There are many potential benefits of using a Virtual Assistant, including increased efficiency, lower costs, and improved patient care.

However, not all medical practices are well-suited for a Virtual Assistant. In order to maximize the benefits of a Virtual Assistant, practices need to have a clear understanding of their needs and how a Virtual Assistant can help them meet those needs.

In general, practices that would benefit most from a Virtual Assistant are those that are struggling with administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments, managing patient records, and billing.

Virtual Assistants can take on these tasks and free up staff members to focus on more important tasks, such as patient care.

They can also help to reduce the workload and stress in a busy medical practice that doesn’t have the financial resources or physical space for in-house employees.

Best Tasks For a Medical Virtual Assistant in Your Practice

Much like a traditional office assistant, a Medical Virtual Assistant (VA) can handle a variety of tasks to free up your time so you can focus on patient care.

The main difference is that a medical VA is specifically trained in medical office procedures and terminology. Some of the tasks a medical VA can handle include appointment scheduling, managing your email and voicemail, handling patient calls, managing your calendar, creating and sending patient statements, and billing.

A Medical VA can also help with marketing your practice, such as by creating and managing your social media accounts, developing marketing materials, and conducting market research. If you’re considering hiring a Medical VA, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you delegate tasks and improve your practice’s efficiency.

Until you add up all the small tasks you could hand off to a Virtual Assistant, you may be unaware of just how much time you spend on administration. Tasks may include:


Intake of new patients and referrals.


Insurance Verifications

Check patients’ insurance provider to verify active coverage, details such as copay, deductible, out-of-pocket maximum, and coverage for CPT Codes for procedures


Prior Authorizations

Will run prior authorizations to get approval/denial from the Insurance Provider for prescribed medications, procedures, and services.


Front Desk Triage

Performs receptionist, appointment scheduling, patient registration, and medical record duties to support practice operations. Schedules and cancels patient appointments.


Appointment Setting

Creating a schedule that includes appointments with patients as well as other commitments, such as meetings and events.


Calendar Management

Creating a schedule that includes appointments with patients as well as other commitments, such as meetings and events.


Organizing files in your database.


Supply Management

Keeping track of supplies at your practice and ordering new items when necessary.


Medical billing and coding.


Follow Ups and check on patients after appointments.


Prescription refills.


Email Management

Responding to messages and cleaning your inbox.


Transferring physical forms into a digital format.

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Medical Scribe and Transcription

You can find a Virtual Assistant who has experience doing data entry for electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR). With encrypted video conferencing software, the VA can join you in the exam room and chart the examination in real-time. This will provide you with the additional information you need to complete forms.

In other cases, you may like to record dictation during or after an appointment. The Virtual Assistant can transcribe this information into the patient’s chart.

Virtual Receptionist

A Medical Virtual Assistant can answer your phones just as if you had a receptionist in your building. Your VA can resolve issues, take messages for you to respond to later, and transfer only urgent calls to you. The same Virtual Assistant can work on other tasks while waiting for calls to come in.

There are several advantages to this system. First, you’ll always answer your phones in a timely manner. Second, the same person will always be on the other end of the line, which is great for developing relationships with patients. Finally, having someone screen your calls is extra useful if you often waste your time on spam calls.

Patients may prefer to contact you through email, text, or live chat on your website. This is all possible with a Virtual Assistant.

Insurance Tasks

It is your Virtual Assistant’s job to communicate with the insurance companies on behalf of your patients.

Streamline the verification process and send claims as soon as possible. In addition to preauthorizing treatments, your VA can check patients’ eligibility in advance.


Paying bills, sending invoices, and managing payroll can all be handled by Medical Virtual Assistants. Besides checking expenses and forecasting cash flow, the VA can also produce financial reports for you.


It’s difficult to find new patients and grow your practice without some marketing. A Virtual Assistant can update your website to keep it modern and user-friendly, manage your social media accounts, and respond to the reviews you receive. If you want to actively search for new patients, a VA can set up campaigns to target patients in your area.

Tech Support

A tech-savvy VA can provide support for you and your patients if you ever have problems during virtual appointments. The Virtual Assistant can also set up new medical software and train your staff to use it.

I’m Sold! How Can I Get Started with Medical Virtual Assistants?

At Global Medical Virtual Assistants, we make the hiring process for Virtual Assistants easier than ever! We’ve already sourced the best VA talent, trained them in medical tasks, and are ready to add them to your team.

To top it off, all clients are placed with a Client Service Manager (CSM) whose responsibility is to help manage your Virtual Assistant so the weight isn’t all on your shoulders.

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