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Easily Offload Tasks Such As 

Insurance Verifications

Medical Virtual Assistants can streamline medical practices by efficiently handling insurance verifications, ensuring timely reimbursements and reducing administrative burdens on in-house staff.

Prior Authorizations

Medical Virtual Assistants can expedite patient care by managing prior authorizations, ensuring treatments and procedures are approved in advance, and minimizing delays related to insurance coverage.

New Patient Intake

Medical Virtual Assistants can enhance the patient onboarding experience by efficiently handling new patient intake, ensuring all necessary information is collected and organized before the initial appointment, and facilitating a smoother transition into the practice.

Office Administration

Medical Virtual Assistants can bolster the operational efficiency of medical practices by managing office administration tasks, freeing up in-house staff to focus on direct patient care and reducing overhead costs.

Revenue Cycle Management

Medical Virtual Assistants can optimize a medical practice’s financial health by overseeing revenue cycle management, ensuring timely billing and collections, and reducing errors that lead to claim denials or delays.

Front Desk Triage

Medical Virtual Assistants can streamline patient interactions by performing front desk triage, promptly directing patient inquiries to the appropriate department or professional, and ensuring a smooth and responsive communication flow.

Prescription Refills

Medical Virtual Assistants can facilitate continuous patient care by managing prescription refills, ensuring that medications are renewed in a timely manner and reducing the risk of treatment interruptions.

EMR/EHR Management

Medical Virtual Assistants can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of medical record-keeping by managing EMR/EHR systems, ensuring that patient data is consistently updated and organized, and facilitating seamless access for healthcare providers.

Patient Scheduling

Medical Virtual Assistants can enhance a medical practice’s operational flow by managing patient scheduling, ensuring a balanced and efficient allocation of appointments, and minimizing overbookings or extended wait times.

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About Our Medical Virtual Assistants

Medically Trained

Our Medical Virtual Assistants have been extensively trained to perform many of the most common tasks used in medcal practices.

Certified In HIPAA Training

All of our Medical Virtual Assistants receive training on proper privacy practices and complete a HIPAA training program.

Same Person Everday

Our clients are able to work with the same Virtual Assistant everyday to ensure consistency and allow for a long-term working relationship.


Your Medical Virtual Assistant can be trained in any EMR/EHR or software you use. They will familiarize themselves with your workflow.

Manager Included with Service

Our Client Service Managers will help manage the relationship between you and your VA to ensure a smooth working relationship.

Save Thousands in Employment Costs

Compared to an in-house employee, Virtual Assistants can reduce operating expenses by up to 70% and save you thousands of dollars per year.

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"I would like to say that we are impressed with the staff at REVA Global and their professionalism, so much so that we would like to hire another VA to run eligibility and possibly do some charge entries if time allows."

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