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How To Find The Right Virtual Assistants For Your Medical Practice



  1. Know when you need to take something off your plate and hand it off to someone else.
  2. Hire people that you know will do it better than you.
  3. You can’t do everything and you can’t do everything well.


  • Beth’s husband, who owned a VA company for years, underwent a business partnership break-up four years ago. After that incident, Beth quit her job and joined her husband to launch REVA Global.
  • Having a deep understanding of several medical practices, Beth knew there was great potential in creating a business offering virtual medical assistance for medical practices.
  • Date, if possible, before you get married. Really, really know the person you’re going into business with. Learn their history and how they act with different people.
  • Back then, Virtual Assistants have been popular in various industries except for the medical industry.
  • The pandemic allowed the medical industry to realize that remote workers in medicine are possible.
  • Virtual Assistants are capable of handling time-consuming front-desk tasks, full new patient intakes, revenue cycles, etc.
  • Nurses and medical assistants should focus on patient care and assisting the physicians and be relieved of tasks that can be delegated to Virtual Assistants.
  • Global Medical Virtual Assistants is entirely Philippines-based. The Philippine culture works out extraordinarily well in US Healthcare. Global Medical’s Filipino VAs all have bachelor’s degrees and excellent English proficiency.
  • The common pain points that Virtual Assistants help with are “scaling a business at the right pace” and “seeing more patients.”
  • Hire fast, fire faster. If you know someone’s not going to work out, we have to move on.
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