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The Revitalizing Doctor Podcast
with Andrea Austin

Supercharge Your Medical Practice with Beth Lachance’s Virtual Support


In a world where medical practices are struggling to hold onto great staff and keep up with patient demand, Global Medical offers a solution – highly skilled medical virtual assistants. But with staffing shortages only set to get worse, can this innovative approach provide the human touch patients need? Find out in this eye-opening episode.

In this episode, you will be able to:

Delve into the world of Global Medical’s virtual medical assistants and their contribution to medical practices.

Explore the ways virtual medical assistants facilitate work-life harmony for professionals in the healthcare industry.

Assess the effectiveness of virtual assistants in managing administrative duties, resulting in improved patient flow.

Appreciate the commitment of Global Medical in adhering to HIPAA standards for patient data protection.

Find out why partnering with specialists can significantly reduce stress for entrepreneurs starting a new venture.


Key Moments:
00:00:00 – Introduction,

00:02:19 – What is Global Medical Virtual Assistants?,

00:04:00 – Advantages of Medical Virtual Professionals,

00:07:08 – Working with Small Practices,

00:09:23 – Global Medical’s Staffing Solutions,

00:14:12 – HIPAA Compliance and Remote Work,

00:15:00 – Technical Requirements for Virtual Assistants,

00:17:05 – Staffing Shortages and Technology,

00:20:11 – Automation and AI in Medical Practices,

00:23:35 – Advice for Entrepreneurs,

00:28:08 – Work Life Harmony and Virtual Assistants,

00:29:59 – Fitness Strategies,

00:33:38 – Stress Responses and Trauma,

00:34:25 – Connecting with Global Medical,

00:35:43 – Conclusion,

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