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Virtual Assistants in Healthcare – Improving Efficiency and Scalability


Unforeseen circumstances can often lead us on extraordinary journeys. Beth Lachance’s story is no different. From a promising career in medicine to an unexpected path in the virtual assistant industry, her tale takes a remarkable turn. The initial resistance she faced seemed insurmountable, but then, like a thunderbolt, the pandemic struck. Suddenly, the world changed, and so did the perception of virtual assistance in healthcare. But what happened next? How did Beth’s expertise revolutionize the industry? Buckle up and prepare for a captivating journey through the realm of virtual assistants in healthcare, where the possibilities are boundless and the impact is immeasurable.

Episode Timeline:

[00:00:00] – Introduction to Virtual Assistants for Healthcare Businesses
[00:03:10] – Finding the Niche in the Healthcare Space
[00:06:36] – The Importance of Virtual Assistants for Medical Practices
[00:10:30] – Building a Team of Virtual Assistants
[00:12:35] – Scaling and Keeping Staff Happy
[00:15:02] – The Administrative Burden on Healthcare Professionals
[00:17:08] – Diversified Use of Virtual Assistance
[00:18:32] – The Importance of Task Evaluation and Delegation
[00:22:25] – Virtual Assistant Management and Reporting
[00:24:53] – Finding Work-Life Balance as a Business Owner
[00:30:10] – Embracing Uniqueness and Collaboration
[00:30:39] – Finding and Utilizing Medical Virtual Assistants
[00:31:53] – Beth Lachance’s Role in Integrating Virtual Assistants
[00:32:45] – Benefits and Applications of Virtual Assistants
[00:35:06] – Importance of Building and Scaling Effectively

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